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Monday, 19 February 2018

Touchstone Leads Provide

"Customer Service Excellence" Inhouse Training 

This one day Customer Service Training Course is for people on the front line of customer service, whether face to face or over the phone. 

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Having the reputation for delivering service excellence is the key differentiator when it comes to winning and retaining customers to boost your profits.

The course will give you the skills to develop customer loyalty and will teach you how to take care of yourself and feel confident in any customer situation.

The training is designed to help you handle difficult customers and situations and to make the most of every customer contact. 

Excellent Customer Service Masterclass

Whatever your level of experience, if you communicate with internal and external customers by the phone, then this Masterclass will give you the tools, techniques and inside information to enable you to learn the secrets of how to provide an excellent customer experience.

Areas that will be covered in the Masterclass:

  1. What excellent customer service looks like
  2. How to create a memorable experience
  3. How to cross sell and upsell
  4. Managing customers' expectations and showing genuine empathy
  5. Following-up effectively and showing the customer you care
  6. How to deal with difficult customers
  7. Maintaining the respect and co-operation of customers when delivering bad news
  8. The attitude when delivering exceptional customer service
  9. How to make a great first impression
  10. Voice inflection to show enthusiasm towards helping customers
  11. Active listening skills and effective questioning
  12. And much more……


This is a 1 day program – 9.00 am registration for a 9.15 am start. The course will close at 4.00 pm

Price to deliver this workshop in-house is £795 for up to 12 attendee's

Customer Service Course Programme

The course content may include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant to the delegates on the day. 

Delegate Input

To begin the day delegates will be asked what they specifically would like from this Customer Serviceprogramme. We let people know that the workshop will be adapted throughout the day to meet their specific needs. 

What is Customer Service really like?

Here we will look specifically at some of the problems front line customer service staff encounter. What kind of difficult and tricky customers they have to deal with, what the pitfalls are and where they get wrong-footed. 

Defining Really Good Customer Service

First we need to define what Good Customer Service is: How do you feel when it's good? How do you feel when it's bad? 

Working with The Customer's Point of View

We will next look at how important it is to be sure we are all 'speaking the same language'. 
It is easy to misinterpret and misunderstand what your customers are saying and they in turn can easily misunderstand and misinterpret you. 
We will spend some time looking at a typical customer scenario from differing points of view. 

Assumptions about Customers

The assumptions we automatically make about customers affect the way we communicate with them. 

There will be a brief group training exercise to highlight how easy it is to make assumptions about another person just by looking at them, focusing on their clothes, hairstyles, accents, etc. 
Following this, we will look at some of the assumptions customers might be making about you. 

Caught in the Line of Fire

When things are tough, most people take it personally (why wouldn't you since it's being aimed at you?) and then we want to just get it over and done with: "The sooner I can get rid of this customer, the better!" 

We will introduce the idea that it is the customer complaint you are looking at, and that it can be 'held' between you as opposed to taking on board the customers problems and emotions. 

We will look at how people can 'elect' themselves responsible in order to shift the dynamic between them and the customer. People may be looking for solutions, but we also know that many people just need a place to off-load their difficulties and their own frustrations. 

How to listen more effectively 

We look at how to be a good listener, how can we show the customer that we truly care. After which we will do a few exercises to demonstrate the importance of active listening as opposed to passive listening

Delivering Difficult Messages to Customers

A technique to help people distinguish between what someone does as opposed to who they are. This can be extremely helpful when you have to deliver news the recipient doesn't want to hear. 

Establishing Customer Empathy: Quick Fire Tips 

Working in pairs we will get an overview of how to establish customer empathy quickly. 

Please contact our Managing Director Kevin Ireson for more details on 01388 775293 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it