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Monday, 19 February 2018


Don't COLD CALL again and get a WIN on every call

Do you dread calling prospects? Are you sick and tired of rejection? Would you like, or do you absolutely need—new business from new customers?

Prospecting for customers is a necessary part of doing business, but you don’t have to suffer through it anymore. There is a better way…

Instead of using tired old formulas and scripts that customers recognise and dismiss from a mile away, you’ll find an intelligent method for engaging prospects in conversations that get results.

Touchstone Leads work with 1000’s of companies each year helping them get more business by phone.

The Clever Calling Masterclass will help you:

  • Engage prospects with effective opening statements
  • Gain inside information using the latest “social engineering” techniques
  • Get screeners, gatekeepers, and assistants working for you
  • Deal effectively with buyer resistance
  • Get prospects to take action
  • Stay motivated
  • Create voice mail messages that get RESULTS
  • Never be rejected again

Nobody likes cold calling, and for good reason. Most of the time, cold calls don’t work and end up wasting everyone’s time. Clever Calling gives you a new and better way to approach prospects and win sales. So forget about cold calling; get Clever Calling. Don’t pick up the phone without attending the course!

Cost per delegate is £149 

Cost includes Lunch and Workbook