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Monday, 19 February 2018



Being a trainer and coach myself, I am a bit critical of trainers and I have to say Kevin was excellent. Really great, personable style – experience shines through – really motivating. I love the constant challenges through the workshop – which means we don’t get away with being a ‘Coaster’. I really liked the slides. The visual images and short bullet points kept my attention throughout – which is somewhat of a challenge usually. It was made relevant to each of our roles with the ‘action’ points throughout – delivered in a professional and friendly way, a good advocate for the lead generation company.

Joanna Reynolds – New Habits Ltd

 Even though I don’t work in sales I found the workshop very informative and a lot of the points can be applied to my job role also. The workshop was delivered in a way that included all roles so didn’t feel out of place. Very well explained and not rushed. Lunch was good. I really enjoyed the day.

Fiona Peacock – Smith Young


Great! I learnt a lot from the whole session, would recommend to anyone. Learnt things I had never heard of! Great guy, very knowledgeable, a great inspiration.

Terri Ward – Assured Ltd


Overall the workshop has given me more confidence in taking calls at work. I am fairly new to the company so still unsure on the questions I should ask to get the response and information I require to pass on to the sales managers. The workshop has definitely given me an insight in to cold calls and how to gain leads - I was unsure of this before.  Kevin presented the session excellently and got his point across well.

Jodie Ellery – People Safe


Information and techniques given from Kevin was very interesting, which I feel will 100% help improve both my results but also my overall confidence. Big thanks to Kevin.

Oliver Peak - TowerLight UK Ltd


   Brilliant location, excellent lunch, all sections were interesting and worthwhile, brilliant tutor. Thank you

   Angela Newton – 02



The course was very affective and given me some good points on how to overcome obstacles I face on the telephone. Information was delivered well and clear for me to understand.

Michelle McGlynn – MFH Engineering (Holdings) Ltd 



I think the workshop was very informative and has taught me a lot. It has also gave me more confidence for being on the phone and being prepared for phone calls.

Jess Foley – Strictly Education 


Very useful, made me think and strip down what I usually ask and how I usually deal with clients and their objections. Lots of interesting tools to take away and implement.

Claire Hughes – Yandell Media


Well worth attending. It provided some good practical suggestions and recommendations that I plan to put into practice.

Richard Smith – Verifile


The workshop has been the best training programme I have been on. I will be implementing all from today from my team to improve quantity of appointments. I will be also be speaking with MD in re: email campaigns using emails.

Kim Jones – Assured Ltd


Great, some points I have come across before but they have been talked about in more detail and I feel more confident in using different approaches and techniques. Don’t close the call immediately as they say not interested as I feel this could be a key in our industry to making people realise faults in their current supplies emphasising what we can do to them.

                                  Kylie Walker – Victory Design 


It was very enjoyable and informative. I have learnt many things that I will use every day at work and make me more proactive and productive. Thank you

Sharon Mathews – RITTAL Limited



Fun - liked the thinking bits, nice how everyone got involved rather than just the louder people by Kevin asking us directly. Not completely relevant to my job but can see how people can benefit from ideas.

Tracey Bell - Scripture Union



Gave me plenty of ideas to take back and apply. I liked it how we kept relisting what we learnt, as it has helped me remember the content. 

Emily Relill - Calverton Finance



Very useful, made me think and strip down what I usually ask and how I usually deal with clients and their objections. Lots of interesting tools to take away and implement.

Claire Hughes – Yandell Media


 Whilst this course wasn’t directly applicable to myself I found it an interesting workshop with useful key skills to apply to telephone calls. Even though the helpdesk has a ‘captive audience’ it’s important to remember that they need to want to ring us and to be welcoming. Kevin engaged everyone in the workshop and made me feel at ease.

Jill Wood – Sheffield Hallam University


 I found the workshop very helpful. Kevin gave me direction in my dealing with customers. Thank you.

 Denise Mellor - Uniplex UK



Very enjoyable experience and insight to overcoming fears regarding making calls. Gives you confidence with reference talking to people on a daily basis.

Aiden Sharpe – Alpha Recruitment



Very interesting and engaging course with many practical and useful ideas to try out. Increased confidence in my own methods and restored my faith in the merits of cold calling. Kevin provided the course in an enthusiastic and entertaining manner and I found him to be incredibly helpful and interesting. Would definitely attend another Touchstone course.

Lauren MacMillan-Warren – Sapphire Consultants



 Very useful in how to talk and come across on the phone. Very good points to go away and implement within my role at the company I work for. More confidence with being on the phone using a structure/bullet points. Tone, enthusiasm, etc. Thank you!

Matthew Hoare – James Coles & Sons (Nurseries) 


Fantastic! Lots of points covered which are relevant across all sectors. Useful information which I will actively use in conversations, I now feel more confident and armed with good tips and techniques. Enjoyed the presentation, slides are informative and Kevin spoke from experience which is very valuable.

                                 Grace Knighton - Leicestershire Education Business Company


Extremely helpful. Using the information gained, I can personalise my sales approach. I have taken away more confidence in my ability to pursue business opportunities and hope to implement skills that I have been shown today asap.

Lucy Mackenzie - Amphenol Antenna Solutions


The workshop overall was very informative. The open ended questions are going to be well used. All the sections were an eye opener. I have attended other courses throughout the years but this was the only course that will help in my role. Other courses weren’t as tailored as this one.

                                                  Claire Merrick – MicroCAD



I’ve found the workshop so helpful and refreshing. Obstacles I thought I could not get around have proved to be solvable. I have taken so many things away with me today.

Megan Harbon - Moda Group Ltd


Impressive and informative. I don’t use the telephone all day at work, I mix it in with my other responsibilities, but I strongly believe what I have picked up today will help me in a wide range of activities, including selling products and appointments over the phone, as well as selling and presenting face to face.

Craig Benson - Vickers Business Systems Ltd




I enjoyed the workshop and found it a refreshing change to the normal dreary sales courses. The group was interactive which helped and Kevin was very clear with his presentation and specifics.

Nicola Bastow - Deborah Services Ltd



I found the course very interesting and it held my concentration. I was able to adapt what I was given to my workplace very easily. I feel I am leaving here with more confidence and ready to pick up the phone.

Claire Gordon – Star Temps



Really positive – the workshop has been very informative and encouraging and has given me a lot of info to take away and use.

Emily Packer – Harvey and Hugo



Was a fun, relaxed, informative session. Talked through many objectives and how to overcome them. Was really useful.

Rhiannon Waite - Due North



Very good, picked up a lot of techniques we can take away for our business. Information which can be passed on to my team.

Phillip Crabtree – Arnold Laver


If you want to improve your sales, take the course. Really enjoyed my time today.

Jamie Stafford - James Chambers Timber Merchants


I enjoyed the session and feel I have picked up some great tips and techniques. Will definitely be using these in the future.

Neil Aitchison – Lowes Hall




Good, very informative. Kevin has good techniques and finds great alternatives. Changes your way of thinking and get out of the ‘rut’.

Melanie Weatherburn - The Building Maintenance Company




This was very easy to follow and I took a lot in. Will take what I learned back to my workstation and use it.

Carolyn Wing – Pickering Lifts



Well paced, informative, to the point and highly relevant. The workshop really hit home with most of the problems I have had surrounding email campaigns.

Katharine Hawking – Finchale College



It has re-focused my thoughts and perhaps even changed my perspective of what I believed people wanted to see in an email (particularly a cold email).

Lisa Ridley – IT Professional Services


Thought provoking and certainly sets the standards for what we should be doing. I will definitely use some of the methods included.

Jan Armstrong - The Specials Laboratory Limited



Having attended many courses previously, I was surprised at how much new information and how many new techniques were presented. Really enjoyed the workshop and actually I am looking forward to planning next calling session!!

Michelle Smith – Keytech


Good delivery and nice to learn but not have roles plays, learnt more with this approach to workshop. Kevin helpful in relating to the individuals industry.

Emma Cave – Southwater Event Group


I have enjoyed the workshop and feel it has helped me to prepare and be aware of what I will be facing in my new sales role.  I now know ways to deal with different types of calls and the best ways to tackle problems that I’ll be faced with!

Tayla Byrne – RoSPA